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Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center


Development and strengthening of trade and economic relations between enterprises of Saint Petersburg and the Pacific countries, the promotion of business.

  • Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center assists companies of Saint Petersburg to their entering  to markets in Asia;
  • The Center assists companies from Asia in finding business partners in St. Petersburg and North-West region.
  • The Centre assists in the establishment of joint ventures, engaged in support of contracts.

Since the beginning of the establishment  Center has helped more than 3,000 companies from Russia and the Asia-Pacific region in the search for reliable business partners and supply of high quality products, advanced equipment and technology in Russia and APR countries.

In particular: assists producers to St. Petersburg to supply China laser welding equipment, drilling rig for oil wells, helium, peat-humic fertilizers.

Assistance was provided to companies of St. Petersburg in the procurement of China's high-tech medical equipment, new building materials, industrial equipment, rolled metal products, food additives. Center picked up in China suppliers of aquarium fish for aquariums Aquarium manufacturers, suppliers of marble, picked up a stone and finishing.

Center on a regular basis cooperates with the cities and the provinces of the People's Republic of China, the Chambers of Commerce of the PRC, the Chamber of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province in the China Council for the resolution of trade disputes, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR of China (Hong Kong), the Council of Hong Kong Trade Development, the Committee on International Enterprise Singapore, etc. for assistance in resolving disputes between Russian businessmen and manufacturers of products in the Asia Pacific region.


In 2014, the Center for Asia-Pacific region opened an office in China (Shenyang).

A brief description of the Centre in the Asia-Pacific region to promote organizations of St. Petersburg and the Asia and Pacific countries can be found below:



Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center assists in development of such forms of cooperation as the establishment of Joint Ventures and Technological Parks, attraction of companies from Asia Pacific to launch their production facilities in the Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type of St. Petersburg and in St. Petersburg’s Clusters (Ship-building, Medical, Car-manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Innovative).


In particular, Center is negotiating with Chinese partners on the establishment of a Russian-Chinese joint venture for production of the Aggregates for the processing of solid domestic waste and garbage with generation of electricity and heat. The meetings and visits with the representatives of St. Petersburg and China were organized.


Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center continued its efforts in attraction of investments from Asia-Pacific countries for the realization of investment projects in St. Petersburg: Construction of the off-shore container terminal in Kronshtadt, Convention and Exhibition center, High-speed tram system development.


Center is actively searching for the factories and supplying companies in China and Hong Kong for major retail chains of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. We have assisted to the St. Petersburg’s companies in matching for partners, as well as the products on the markets of China, the Republic of Korea, Vietnam and other Asia-Pacific countries.


In particular, APCC has assisted in matching for partners supplying for sheet metal, pipe products, cable and wire products, natural stones (marble, granite) in Vietnam and China. The assistance was rendered to other St. Petersburg’s companies in supplying with metal from China, delivering of leather for car-seats covers production, medical disposable materials from Korea and China, etc.


The negotiations were held with the leading Asian airlines on transporting of live aquarium fish from Sanya, China, to St. Petersburg. The help was provided to the companies from the Asia-Pacific region in supplying with products the market of St. Petersburg (coffee, rice, furniture, household goods, seafood from China, Korea and Vietnam).


Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center assisted to JSC "Bank Alexandrovsky" and other St. Petersburg banks in establishing of cooperation with Chinese banks (Agricultural credit Union of Sichuan, etc.), to JSC Moscow Stock Exchange “MICEX-RTS" in attracting of St. Petersburg and Chinese banks to conduct the payment banking operations within the frameworks of scheme RUB - CNY.


In 2013 Center continued its work on development of tourism cooperation of St. Petersburg and Asia-Pacific countries. Within the framework of the Year of Chinese tourism in Russia, APCC has assisted in holding of the presentations of Ningbo City – “Resorts on the Lake of Dongjian”, of Zhuji City - the “Center of China's growing of river pearls”, the city of Kaifeng - “The Chrysanthemum city”, of Hangzhou city - “The Tourist center on the West Lake”, of Fujian Province - “The leading tourist center of Asia”.


A Framework Agreement on cooperation in the tourism sector with the Administration of Chongzuo city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China was signed. APCC continued the development of tourism with the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Australia.


Center has been actively promoting cultural cooperation with the countries of the Asia- Pacific region. In March 29, 2013 with the support of APCC in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in St. Petersburg the Festival of Korean-Russian culture was held. The negotiations on cultural exchange of creative teams with the sister cities of Daegu, Shanghai, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China, Shenzhen were carried.


Center assisted to the Children's recreation camp "The Star" in arrangement of joint Russian-Chinese concert (folk dancing, playing musical instruments) between St. Petersburg pupils and pupils from the Chinese professional College of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, consisting of 40 people under the guidance of director Mr. Gao Zhunde. On the 14th of August with the assistance of APCC in the Children 's recreation camp "Druzhnych" the Russian-Chinese meeting and drawing contest among pupils of St. Petersburg and the China Children's Art Society (Beijing , Shanghai ), consisted of 50 people headed by Mr. Luo Qing.


Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center picked up partner-universities in Asia Pacific region for universities of St. Petersburg with the aim of improving the rank of St. Petersburg in the international classification of universities. The assistance was rendered to International High School of Management at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, to North-West Institute of Management of Russian Federation Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, to St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, etc. in establishing of partnership with the universities of China, Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Australia.


Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center assisted to AVIONICA - the Youth Aerospace School of St. Petersburg - in establishing of cooperation with the relevant technical educational institutions of China and the Republic of Korea and holding of joint international junior championship in launching of microsatellites in St. Petersburg.


APCC continues developing of cooperation in the field of medicine, health and sports. In 2013, we have cooperated with the Chinese Sanatorium Tanggangzi, Anshan city, Liaoning Province, with Clinics of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai, etc. APCC have assisted to Korean cosmetology and medical companies in matching for partners and opening representative offices in St. Petersburg. For the third year, with the assistance of APCC by the invitation of the Committee of Jinan (China) and the Committee for winter swimming, in 2013 the official visit to China of Saint Petersburg Winter Swimming Federation delegation was paid.


APCC constantly interacts with the administrations of cities and provinces of China, the Chambers of Commerce of the P.R.C., the Chamber of international trade and economic cooperation at the China Council in Guangdong Province, in Hangzhou City (Zhejiang Province), in the field of trade disputes settlement between Russian buyers and Chinese manufacturers of goods. APCC collaborates closely with the Government of the SAR Hong Kong, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Korea, the Government of Singapore etc.



On a regular basis Center provided for consultancy assistance to businesses and companies from China and the Republic of Korea (JSC "Baltic Pearl", "Hyundai Motors Rus", Holding Company "Dabai Korea", etc.), Vietnam, Singapore and other Asia-Pacific countries, in the fields of doing business and working in St. Petersburg, on migration law, tax law, civil law, administrative law and other issues.

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