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On September 19 APCC arranged the presentation of agricultural products held by Gansu companies, the People's Republic of China (fruit and vegetable products). 14 Chinese supplier companies and representatives of the Government of the Province of Gansu took part in the action. On the Russian side the presentation was attended by representatives of the business of St. Petersburg.

Representative of the Province of Gansu government has told about the development of the province in such spheres as economy, trade, science and technology, education e t. c. The Gansu companies presented the products they manufactured and supplied. At the end of the meeting the parties discussed on possible cooperation projects, the organization of import and export of products.

Dear friends!


On behalf of Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center and myself I would like to congratulate You and your colleagues on the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people in the war of resistance to Japan, and the end of Second World War!


We will always honor the feat of the Chinese people, grieve over the victims and the people suffered from tortures, always keep and defend the truth about the war.

We wish prosperity to your beautiful country, peace to the friendly Chinese people,  welfare and happiness to You, Your colleagues and your families.






 the Director General

Professor Vladimir Zhemaitis

Asia and Pacific Collaboration Center

From 9 to 14 August, 2015, in Daegu, South Korea, was held Daegu International Youth Camp. Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea  after Seoul, Busan and Incheon. About 90 students from different countries (China, Taiwan, Thailand, Central Africa, Russia, Italy, Indonesia, etc.) have come together here to become better acquainted with the Korean culture.

The camp’s program was very intense. Participants visited authentic Korean village, where were taught to dye fabrics and were impressed by the traditional Korean cuisine. The balance of past and future is inherent in South Korea, however, along with the crafts, students visited the corporation TaeguTec, which attracts many foreign investors such as Warren Buffett with its innovative technology. Students became direct witnesses of metalworking, using the latest technological developments. Then it was a time to explore the city from a bird's flight. The view opened from the top of the Apsan mountain impressed everyone by its magnificence. But down on the ground not less exciting adventures were waiting, such as a trip to the amusement park E-World. The whole evening  all possible attractions were at the disposal of the campers.

In addition to excursions, many interesting events took place in the campus of the Catholic University of Daegu. For better acculturation, students studied Korean language, taekwondo, learned to play traditional musical instrument samulnori, danced K-Pop. All of  it was included in the farewell concert. After the end of the party no one left, because it was so pity to leave new friends.


Daegu International Youth Camp was a unique experience in the life of everyone who had lucky to take part in it. New experiences, skills, acquaintances and much more unknown places - all this strengthens the desire to return to Korea again.

On March 17, 2014 with the assistance of Asia and Pacific collaboration Center the meeting in the North-West Customs Administration with the delegation of representatives of Customs departments of Zhejiang province (Hangzhou, Ningbo), People's Republic of China, headed by  the chief of the Secretariat of the People's government of Zhejiang province,


Mr. Sun Houjun was held. During negotiations Ms. Anna Vladimirovna Korosteleva, the deputy head of the North-West operational customs, had acquainted the Chinese colleagues with the structure of customs authorities of Russia and Saint-Petersburg, as well as with the legal support of customs activity in Russia. In turn, the head of the Chinese delegation spoke about the structure of the People’s Republic of China customs, the customs legislation of the People’s Republic of China, policy of full transition to the system of electronic customs declaring. The parties paid much attention to discussion of the issue of identification and suppression of smuggling, and interaction of Russia and China in the field of prevention of smuggling import of goods from the sea ports of Zhejiang province to Russia / Saint-Petersburg.

The major suppliers of goods to Russia are such Chinese provinces as Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Beijing city. According to Mr. S.A. Naryshkin, the deputy head of Department for combating with economic customs offenses NWCA, by 2013, about 18%  of imported goods through the Baltic customs were the goods indicated as "made in China", that made more than 2 million tons (net weight) with the total cost more than 10 billion U.S. dollars. At the same time NWCA recorded the facts of administrative offenses in shipments from the People's Republic of China (about 450 cases), generally connected with unreliable provision of information on the qualitative and quantitative composition of the goods. The Chinese side spoke about the system of random inspection and examination of the goods exported to Russia (about 10% of goods are inspected), on the basis of a control system of risks, analytics, «trust to the company on a scale ABCD».

At the result of the meeting the sides agreed on continuation of cooperation, exchange of information and further cooperation, including exchange of information within the framework of the Working Group, established by the Federal Customs Service of Russia and the State Customs Committee of the Chinese People's Republic.


On March 28, 2014 on the New stage of the Mariinsky Theatre of Saint-Petersburg the opening ceremony of the Year of youth exchanges between the Russian Federation and The People’s Republic of China took place.  Ms. Liu Yandong, vice premier of the China's State Council, and Ms. Olga Golodets, vice-prime of Government of Russian Federation, addressed to the audience with welcoming speech. The representatives of administration, business community,  publicity of Russia and China, as well as the students of Russian and Chinese universities, attended the ceremony. The ceremony was followed by the concert of specially created Russian-Chinese youth orchestra under the direction of Valery Gergiev.



The years 2014 and 2015 are declared as the Years of Russian-Chinese youth exchanges. One of the main objectives of the program is an increase of the student contacts between the two countries. On March 28 the meeting of the organizing committee of the «Years of friendly youth exchanges of Russia and China» project was held. Olga Golodets and Liu Yandong signed the protocol on the implementation of the event plan. More than three hundred events are planned: seminars, scientific conferences, musical festivals, film forums, and, of course, trips of students from Russia to China and vice versa.

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